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I just received an email from no other than Prof. Ivana Lorkovic, the IN-TECH publisher president, to nominate me to publish a chapter in a new book titled: "Advances in Sound localization". This nomination is based on my paper: "Embedded auditory system for small mobile robots". But wait! There's more. I then got a second nomination for my paper "Robust localization and tracking of simultaneous moving sound sources using beamforming and particle filtering". I get to publish not one, but two book chapters. All of this would be Open Access for a mere 470 Euros per chapter.

These guys are really productive too. The email includes a link to and trying different values in the URL reveals that this is just one of close to a hundred books being prepared at the same time on subjects ranging from "Laser Pulses" to "Virtual Reality", "Data Mining", "P2P Networks" and even "Cancer Stem Cells".

I don't know why I didn't respond right away, but it seems like I'm so good that they have to follow up: "This is a follow up of the email I sent you last week. Since we didn't receive any response from you, we kindly ask you to reply to the email which we repeat below.".

But seriously, I'm really getting annoyed because I believe in the Open Access publishing. The problem is that there's so much crap using Open Access as a way to make quick money on "pay to publish" articles. Of course, there are established and credible publishers doing Open Access (Hindawi comes to mind), but the problem is that right now, there's no way a new player could ever become credible with all the crap going around. I wonder how big the "academic scam" is.


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