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We finally made it! Opus is now standardized by the IETF as RFC 6716. See the Mozilla hacks post and the Xiph.Org press release for more details. Of course, feel free to help spread the word around.

We're also releasing both version 1.0.0, which is the same code as the RFC, and version 1.0.1, which is a minor update on that code (mainly with the build system). As usual, you can get those from

Thanks to everyone who contributed by fixing bugs, reporting issues, implementing Opus support, testing, advocating, ... It was a lot of work, but it was worth it.
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Here's good news from the codec Working group meeting that was held on Monday. Koen Vos and I presented the prototype codec draft, including the results of an informal MUSHRA test (see slide 8). The bottom line is that the hybrid codec running with full audio bandwidth (48 kHz) at 32 kb/s significantly out-performed all other codecs under test, including BV32, SILK-WB, CELT alone and G.719. For the first three, this is hardly surprising: BV32 and SILK were using "wideband" (i.e. bandlimited at 7 kHz) audio, which just cannot match the bandwidth of the hybrid codec, and CELT was just never designed for 32 kb/s and has annoying artifacts at that rate. As for G.719, it was the closet contender in that test, but still had annoying coding noise that was easily noticeable and relatively annoying. On the other hand, several of the listeners had a very hard time telling the hybrid codec from the original.

Following the presentation, the chairs decided to take a hum and there was "rough consensus" in the room for adopting the proposed codec as the baseline codec and thus adopting the draft as a working group document. This still has to be confirmed on the mailing list, but at least things are looking good. This doesn't mean the codec will be accepted as is, but it's a good starting point from which we can keep improving. The rest of the meeting was a lot of discussions on the requirements and the testing, which I'm sure will be better summarized in the minutes.

Other than that, the most useful part of this IETF meeting was having Koen Vos, Timothy Terriberry and I in the same place. We managed to get a lot of technical stuff done -- both conceptual and actual code. More on that later.


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