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As of today, it's really important that I don't forget to tell people not to do illegal stuff. That's because today, a new special law states (among other things) that (rough translation):

"Whoever causes, by an act, omission, help, encouragement, advice, consent, authorization, or order, someone to do something which is an offense under that law, then that person is deemed to have committed the same offence".

For those who can read French, here's the French text for that quote. What is still unclear is whether that clause applies recursively and if so, down how many levels. For example, if I don't tell you to tell Joe to tell Bob to tell George not to commit an offence under that law, have I committed an offence?

No, I do not live in China or North Korea, but in the Canadian province of Quebec. The reason why this law is apparently really necessary is that the government had to stop university students from savagely attacking police batons with their heads. I mean, there's a few minor issues, like the fact that the Quebec Bar association considers this new law to be unconstitutional, but hey who really cares about those sorts of details anymore.


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